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CarcassUltrasound has been used to measure fat depth in beef cattle since the 1950s. Modern ultrasound technology can also measure ribeye area. This allows carcass composition to be evaluated more accurately. Research at the University of Saskatchewan indicates that ultrasound backfat and ribeye area measurements can accurately predict the lean meat yield of yearling bulls. This technology can be a valuable tool for seedstock producers interested in improving the carcass merit of their cattle.

Carcass traits are moderately to highly heritable. This means that the carcass characteristics of a bull will be passed on to his progeny, similar to average daily gain or weight per day of age. Furthermore, research indicates that there is as much variation within a breed as there is between breeds. Ultrasound technology allows a potential herdsire's carcass merit to be evaluated directly. This is faster and more cost effective than progeny testing.

Cutability (USLEAN; % Lean Meat Yield)
Cutability is the percentage of lean meat yield in the carcass. Yield grade is an important factor in both Canada and the USA. Producing calves with a high genetic potential for this trait can be an important objective of a breeding program.

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