This photo is one of our Photo Contest Winners. Taken by Myrna Flesch from Stavely, AB when she was at Paul Ferguson’s in October 2010. Canadian Blonde d'Aquitaine Association - The Beef Builders. Click this image to send us an email.
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Worksheets & Instructions

The program is provided free of charge to all CBDA Active Annual Members in good standing provided they use the specially designed Excel spreadsheets found on this page. Information can then be emailed directly to AgSights (formerly BIO). If your herd has not been in the Performance Program before, there may be some initial set-up fees to enter pedigrees, etc. The program will also accept handwritten and/or hard copy mail of the forms, but additional data entry fees will apply.

Another beautiful Blonde pair. Keeping Performance records is vital to the future on our breed.The procedure is as follows:

  1. Download the required spreadsheets (forms) onto your computer. They can be found listed at the bottom of this page.
  2. Open the required spreadsheet and save it with a new name such as "Brown 2018 Birth Weights" or "Brown 2018 Weaning Weights".
  3. Please Read the Instructions sheet carefully and enter information in the format requested.
  4. Enter all the information requested electronically. Handwritten forms will be accepted, but additional data entry fees will apply.
  5. A note on Management Groups. They are extremely important to getting quality EPDs from the data you provide. Animals included in the same management groups must have been managed as similarly as possible. This means that animals gestated/fed in different pens/pastures for any period of time during the year should be given different group numbers. Calves fed extra feed for shows/sales, or calves that seem unhealthy or got very sick should also be left in different groups from the more normal developing calves. Calves of different sexes can be grouped together. Also calves allocated to a specific management group must be born within 90 days or less of one another, regardless of whether or not their mothers are managed the same. There also needs to be five animals in a group for the data to be used to generate EPDs. Management group numbers can range from 1-99.
  6. Email the completed form(s) to AgSights - Lois Neeb. Forms can also be mailed, but once again, additional data entry fees will apply.
  7. Depending on how much manual data entry is required, you may receive an invoice from AgSights along with your EPDs.

If you have questions, or would like for information please contact Reed Rigney, CBDA Performance Committee at 780-348-5308 or Lois Neeb of AgSights (formerly BIO) 1-855-246-2333 ext 307.

Reed Rigney, CBDA Performance Committee Chair
Westlock, AB

Birth & Weaning Worksheet
Worksheet Instructions

Be sure to contact your Provincial Association for a breeder near you.
If you would like a free informational package, please E-mail the Canadian Blonde d'Aquitaine Association.
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