This photo is one of our Photo Contest Winners. Taken by Myrna Flesch from Stavely, AB when she was at Paul Ferguson’s in October 2010. Canadian Blonde d'Aquitaine Association - The Beef Builders. Click this image to send us an email.
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Blonde Connection 2022 issueThis annual publication highlights the actions of the Board of the Canadian Blonde d'Aquitaine Association to streamline the inner workings of the Association. Show results, the Sire Summary, Breeder listing, and any other information/articles that are Blonde related or could be of value to people interested in our breed. We hope our readers will enjoy this publication, and our breeders will see fit to promote their programs through the Blonde Connection.

Click the image to the right to download this year's magazine (23MB). You can also read it by clicking on our Flip Version here.

The Association would like to thank those who choose to advertise in the Blonde Connection, and for making it possible to bring the Blonde voice to the purebred and commercial industry. The editorial will provide you with information to better assist your operation which, in turn, ensures the growth of the breed in Canada.

What the Blonde Connection provides to advertisers:

  • The best opportunity to reach a wider Commercial and Purebred Blonde audience with an expanded distribution in relation to the member newsletter.
  • Every member (those listed on CLRC website) will receive a hard copy of the magazine.
  • Every person who has had a Blonde animal transferred into their name by the CLRC in the last five years will receive a hard copy of the magazine.
  • Hard copies will be sent to commercial mailing lists in each of the provinces (where available).
  • Each Province will receive copies for distribution at trade fairs.
  • Virtual copies will be available on the CBDA website and any other Blonde websites that wish to post it.
  • Emails will be sent to international interests directing them to the on-line version.
  • This publication will include all show results and champion pictures (when available), bull test results, a breeder list, sale reports, blondes in 4-H reports, pictures as well as other fun and interesting Blonde related articles. DON'T MISS OUT!

2022 Advertising Rates

Ad Booking Deadline is January 2023
Ad Copy & Content deadline is Feb 2023
Published mid-March

Please forward completed ads to Reed Rigney. If you have any other content that you would like to see included that can be forwarded to me as well. Additional content can be articles, pictures, etc.

Presidents of your respective Associations - please remember to send in your Provincial reports as well.

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Since the summer of 2006, the Association has offered a newsletter for our members. It is distributed in the Summer, Fall, and Winter, enhancing the Blonde Connection that is distributed in the spring. The newsletter features events, articles, and programs of interest to members of the Canadian Blonde d'Aquitaine Association. The newsletter is e-mailed to all members with e-mail addresses, and posted on the Canadian website. If you would like to receive the Newsletter by email, please send a message to the breed Secretary at

Issue Deadline Distribution Date
Winter December 1 December 15
Summer June 1 June 15
Fall September 1 September 15
Forward ideas for articles to the Canadian office.

Ad Rates & Dimensions
Size Dimensions Base Cost GST Total Ad
Full Page 8" w x 10½" h * $100 $5 $105
½ Page 4" w x 10½" h 8" w x 5¾" h $60 $3 $63
¼ Page 4" w x 5¼" h $40 $2 $42
1/8 Page 4" w x 2.625" h $20 $1 $21
* Bleed to edge (8½" x 11") on all full page ads. All ads are full colour.

Ad Specifics

  • Ad rates are for camera-ready.
  • Ad rates are subject to 5% GST.
  • All ads must arrive camera-ready.
  • Ad content must be received through e-mail, Canada Post, or a CD.
  • Ads will not be considered sold until payment has been received.
  • Cheques must be made payable to CANADIAN BLONDE D'AQUITAINE ASSOCIATION.
  • Please mail cheques to Reed Rigney, Box 5959, Westlock, AB T7P 2P7.
  • Booking deadlines and distribution dates will be strictly adhered to. (See above)
  • Quantity published: Approx 200 + downloaded free on the internet.


If you would like a free information package, please E-mail the Canadian Blonde d'Aquitaine Association.

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